The SOS Program is designed to leverage the collective energy and individual experiences of the SOS students and team.
The SOS Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design is based upon a curriculum that combines education with research and practice-based project work. The full-time course is characterized by the opportunity to provide the framework where this expertise can be applied, in an integrated way, to real projects. The master is the most suitable choice for those who, having completed their degree, are looking for an experience that integrates training, research and professional practice in the field of sustainability.
  • Language of instruction:
  • Type:
    Post-Graduate | Sustainable Architecture and Design
  • Duration:
    Full-time program from October 2023 to June 2024
  • Location:
    Milan, Italy
  • Tuition fee:
  • Admission requirements:
    3 or 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering, Design.
Why choose us
SOS is a place where our students can become part of an active community with the goal of bringing about a better future. Lectures are taught by professionals with a high level of expertise in the specific areas covered which feeds into our practical approach also within the classroom with systematic case and project studies, group work and review. We offer students the unique opportunity of becoming part of MCA studio during their time here, having the opportunity to work on real projects with the supervision of MCA professionals as well as our high level industry partners.
Up to 30 seatings available
50% international student
10 + different nationalities
84% employment rate after 2 months

The SOS Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design consists of two phases which exemplify our philosophy of bringing theory and practice together.
Foundation courses
The first phase of the academic year, running from October to January features our Foundations Courses. Six courses that tackle the most effective and innovative sustainability practices within the building sector, designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and intuitions required to address the challenges of the future with an open-minded, holistic, research-driven, human-centered approach to sustainable practices and train students to become specialized professionals in the field of Sustainability.
Please find the course descriptions and instructors bios below
Project Tracks
The second phase of the academic year, running from January to June, is dedicated to the our Project Tracks.
We offer students the opportunity to work on real and impactful projects in close collaboration with SOS Partner Companies and Institutions. This highly stimulating and professionalizing experience allows our students to work on meaningful content while discovering and learning about the sustainable practices carried out by our sponsoring partners. Through the Project Track experience, we have the possibility of tackling new and diverse challenges related to sustainability implementing our innovative and research based SOS approach. Our project track partner companies change from year to year as we look for the most active players in sustainability who share our vision an our mission, in these past years we have worked with: BMW Group, Artemide, Unipol, Manni Group, Salvatore Ferragamo, IRIS Ceramica, Saib Spa and many others.

We adapt the content from year to year in light of the latest trends and developments according to the vision and mission of our program within the following macrocategories

- Circular Economy by Design

- Post Carbon Architecture

- Architecture as a Social Business

- Urban Regeneration

- Experiencing Sustainability

Please see Project Tracks themes descriptions for the SOS9 2022-2023 Academic Year

Applications for #SOS10 2023/2024 academic year are now open! Apply today! Limited spots available! Click on Apply now and follow the instructions to submit the requested documents, qualified candidates will be contacted by the SOS Admissions Staff for an aptitude interview.
Is this the right program for me?
At SOS - School of Sustainability we welcome applications from all over the world. We seek recent graduates and emerging professionals with diverse backgrounds to form a multidisciplinary group capable of undertaking environmental challenges using a research-driven creative approach. The program and particularly the project tracks are catered primarily to architects, engineers and designers although the School also invites candidates with other profiles, on the basis of their motivation and skills in relation to the issues proposed in the courses, to submit their application for consideration! The criteria for acceptance are talent and motivation, along with the commitment and the ambition to contribute to the spreading of the culture of sustainability. If you are passionate about Sustainability and looking to expand your horizons SOS is the answer! Additionally for passionate students lacking certain technical skills necessary for acceptance into the Master’s Program, we encourage you to contact us to explore our single course modules as well as our short term summer programs!
Selection Process
After having completed all the steps indicated in our “Apply Now” Form and uploading the requested documents, qualified candidates will be contacted for an aptitude interview. As the SOS Master’s Program is fully English taught, students are required to have a minimum of a B2.1 Level. Students holding a valid English Language Certification can submit it during the application process. Students without a valid certification need not worry! The aptitude interview with the SOS Admissions Staff can also serve as an evaluation of proficiency.

Program Fees
The total participation fee for the #SOS9 2023-2024 Academic Year Master’s Program is 16.000€.

The tuition Fee must be paid in its entirety according to the following instalments.

• 2.000€ – Registration fee – within two weeks of receiving the acceptance offer for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

• 7.000€ – First installment – September 30th 2023

• 7.000€ (or final amount due if awarded scholarship) – Second installment – December 20th 2023

*Awarded scholarships will be applied as a tuition reduction on the payment of the final installment.

Thanks to the support of our partners, SOS will make available 20 merit based tuition scholarships of up to 50% to partially offset Program tuition fees.​


1Am I eligible for an SOS merit based scholarship?
All applicants are eligible to be considered for a scholarship.
2How do I apply for an SOS merit based scholarship?​
All candidates, upon submitting their application, are automatically considered for a scholarship based on their application material and the aptitude interview.
3What are the criteria used for assigning scholarships?
The criteria are academic excellence, experience and motivation.
4When do I find out if I will be awared an SOS merit based scholarship?
If selected, students will receive an acceptance packet indicating whether they have been awarded a SOS Scholarship funding and the exact amount.
5How much do SOS tuition reduction scholarships cover?
Every year SOS makes available 20 scholarships of up to 40% to partially offset Program tuition fees.

Student Testimonials
SOS alumni employment

Founding partners
Sponsoring partners
Knowledge partners
1What are the program costs and payment deadlines?
Master’s Program: The total participation fee for the full Master’s Program is 16.000€. Tuition Fee must be paid in its entirety according to the following instalments:
*awarded scholarships will be applied as a reduction on the total amount of the tuition cost.
• 2.000€ – Registration fee – within two weeks of receiving the acceptance offer
• 7.000€ – First installment – September 30th 2023
• 7.000€ (or final amount due if awarded scholarship) – Second installment – December 20th 2023
2Does SOS offer scholarship to applicants?
SOS does offer scholarships to Master’s Program students. The scholarships can vary according to our internal evaluation of every candidate profile and the timing of submission. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates based on their academic and professional merit and motivation. The exact amount will be communicated to the student along with the acceptance letter. Additionally, scholarship funding for special content-based projects might be offered by external partners.
3Am I eligible to join the Master's Program even if I do not hold a degree in Design, Architecture or Engineering?
The program focuses on design related disciplines and therefore welcomes applicants with an architecture, design or engineering degree. That being said, the school may consider applicants with diverse relevant backgrounds as long as the candidate can demonstrate a high level of interest and motivation.
4Among the requirements for the Master’s Program there is the B2 Level English Certificate (CEFR). Do I need to have a valid English Language Certification in order to apply?
The program is fully English taught and SOS requires a minimum B2.1 Level (CEFR) for participation. Applicants will not be required to submit a valid certification, a self-certification indicating a B2.1 level or above is sufficient. During the aptitude interview, the SOS Admission team will also make an evaluation of the language level.
5Will the Foundation Courses be offered through distance learning or in presence?
For #SOS9 all Foundation Courses will be held in presence at the SOS Campus in Via Poma 52, Milan (ITALY) that also hosts the MCA headquarters of Milan. Most of the classes split into a lecture part, followed by a practical segment directed by the professors.
6Will students receive a certificate at the end of the Master’s Program?
All students will receive a certificate of attendance providing a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies carried out and completed. It should be highlighted that our curriculum reflects the practice based, research driven approach to education that is the main feature of our program, greatly benefitting from our extended network of partnerships with both academic, professional and industrial entities.
7Where is SOS located?
SOS is located in Milan along with Mario Cucinella Architects studio at our new location in Via Poma 52, Milano 20129.
8What are the participation requirements for the Master’s Program?
Full time attendance is compulsory for the entirety of the Master's Program. Students shall carefully comply with the course work hour requirements as indicated by the School. Absences exceeding three days must be promptly communicated to SOS School Administration and must be justified by proper certification.
9With the completion of the Master’s program, will SOS offer job/internship opportunities to participating students?
Enrollment in the SOS Master’s Program does not guarantee job/internship placement for participating students. However, one of the main features of our program is a full immersive experience within our extended network of partnerships with both academic and industrial entities which can lead to professional opportunities for students.
10How many students will participate in the Master’s Program?
The minimum number of students for #SOS9 is 10 and the maximum number of students is 30.
11Will the Program be held online or on campus?
The #SOS9 Master's Program activities will be completely held at the SOS campus in Via Poma 52, Milan (ITALY) for the 2022-2023 academic year. Single Courses will be offered in presence for executive students not enrolled in the full Master's Program.
12What are the dates for the Foundation Courses which will be available as Single Courses?
The single courses will be held according to the following calendar (class times will be made available in the coming weeks).

Foundations of Sustainability - the weeks of October 4th to November 8th

Green Building Management - the weeks of November 2nd to November 26th

Material Balance Design and Sustainable Products - the weeks of October 6th to October 26th

Digital and Parametric Design - the weeks of November 29th and December 9th

Environmental Design - the weeks of October 21st to November 18th

13What are the application deadlines for the Standalone modules?
Students will be able to enroll into any Standalone course up to two weeks before the start date of the course.
14What documents are required to apply?
Students interested in applying to the Master’s Program can fill out the application form. In addition to your contact information, you will be requested to send on: Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae / Resume, and Design Portfolio. Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by the SOS Admissions Team. Students interested in applying to Single Courses can fill out the application form on the course description page of the course. In addition to your contact information, you will be requested to send on your Curriculum Vitae / Resume.