A Habitable Planet – Modular and Sustainable Solutions

6 months full-time in presence  


The objective is to develop a concrete project integrating off-site construction innovations to have a social and environmental impact, that will involve Manni Green Tech expertise. Designers and architects are invited to come up with a student housing proposal through an architectural, energetic, and environmental impact study of the building to be designed.

Imagining and creating the architectural style of the building, students will have to employ cutting-edge technologies and solutions to make it easy to transport, economically accessible, and energy-efficient, without neglecting the aspect of modularity comparable to industrial standards, creating typological models that can be replicated for buildings with similar uses granting widespread social and environmental well-being.


The construction and real estate sectors currently grapple with the presence of deteriorating old architecture, leading to substantial resource consumption, heightened costs, and an increase in property prices. These aspects, combined with a complex bureaucratic system, with long lead time lead times, coupled with the return to university following the pandemic and the shortage of residences, have contributed to a critical deficiency in housing for students, both nationally and internationally.

The inspiration to address this urgent need and face the challenge sustainably comes from Arch. Mario Cucinella's 2007 project, with the ambitious goal of creating a 100-square-meter residence for 100,000 euros, capable of achieving zero emissions and being economically accessible. In this context, off-site construction emerges as a contemporary method with numerous advantages. Its light and quick-to-assemble components minimize on-site processes, ensuring cleanliness. The modular and reproducible structures are easy to maintain, offer seismic safety, boast millimeter precision in design, exhibit fire-resistant performance, enable accurate estimation of time and costs, and provide high thermal-acoustic performance.



Through an interdisciplinary methodology and careful technological and environmental analysis, A Habitable Planet will enable creative and strategic approaches to address one of the most pressing national social issues. Students guided by the project track leader and Manni Green Tech professionals will envision a viable housing alternative through innovative architectural solutions that offer a high aesthetic level, contain costs, ensure a low environmental impact, and allow for a remarkable speed of implementation, overcoming traditional construction techniques. 


Alessandra Bellutti– Manni Green Tech Product Portfolio Manager

Alessandro Bellamoli – Manni Green Tech Project Engineer

Marcello Turrini – Project Track Assistant


Sponsoring Partner

Manni Green Tech (MANNI Group) 


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