Design of Products and Systems for the Circular Economy

Design of Products and Systems for the Circular Economy

4+4 months, full time in teams


The objective is to train designers capable of delivering sustainable solutions with the broadest positive impact on the environment, the society and the economy, in a variety of fields and at different scales, and to allow companies and professionals to work together to the definition of a new set of goals that facilitate the transition of design to a new ethical dimension where the challenges related to the effects of a growing world population on the ecosphere, are tackled in a systemic way. To achieve these ambitious goals, the promotion and development of innovative materials, processes and products that can foster Circular Economy will be pivotal.


The demands for “Rebuilding the Universe” according to a human-centered, nature-based design approach are so compelling, shared politically and urged socially by so many as to call for the development of a new design methodology fed by a multi-disciplinary set of skills forged at the crossover of education, research and professional practice. The participants in this project track will be partnered by researchers, innovators, professionals and industry leaders in a collaborative commitment to revolution the creative process by linking it on the new founding values of Design for Disassembly, Cradle to Cradle, Materials passport, and by making the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda relevant at every stage of our design practices.


A research-driven approach to design for inclusiveness, societal awareness, value creation, community empowerment, carried on through a real project for a real client, with the support of tutorials, workshops and lectures in collaboration with Mario Cucinella Design and that will provide the participants with a common language and operational tools.

The founding values of Sustainable Design, theory and practice of the common good(s), shared services and products, smart materials and systems will be paramount of a context driven process aiming at identifying innovative manufacturing and organization processes for the development of the design and its financing strategies.

Slide Foundations of Sustainability Design for Circular Economy The Right to (Quality) Shelter Project Track Environmental Design