Sustainable Urban Enlightenment – A human-centered lighting approach

6 months full time in presence


The aim is to analyze the different functions that urban lights play in a city; from safety to orientation, from personalization to different intensities, from aesthetics to semantics, i.e., a focus on the person and psychological aspects of the inhabitant, on the one hand, and an analysis of the individual identities that each city possesses on the other. Taking into consideration urban needs and neighborhoods to deliver a sustainable solution for Unipol THE DAP - Missaglia Art Park - in Via dei Missaglia 97, Milan, with the broadest positive impact on the local environment, society and economy.


The city is not only an urbanistic identity, it is a "synesthetic" living body driven by its inhabitants and where above all sight and hearing are decisive for the purposes of its history and development. In this sense, people's visual perception becomes essential, and in this light plays a primary role. Light is elusive and ephemeral, but defines the spaces and forms of architecture; light is presence, it gives life, it enables the carrying out of daily activities, light is connection, it creates links. From a human-centric perspective, light has a new ethical identity that transcends its mere functional dimension. This is the challenge for designers when it comes to outdoor and public lighting, systemically bringing function and features together, to design a socially and environmentally sustainable light source that can meet the needs of citizens.


A research-driven and human centered approach prioritizing human perspective, needs and emotions to design through light, inclusivity, societal awareness, accessibility and sustainability aspiring to the technically feasible and socially desirable.

Relying on a company like Artemide, which has always been at the forefront with respect to the major strategic themes of "a light beyond light," which, however, has always found "iconic" solutions that have made and are making design history, Sustainable Urban Enlightenment will identify innovative ways to perceive, conceive and use light for value creation and community empowerment.


Luca Moreni - Project Track Leader

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