What are the program costs and payment deadlines?

SOS answers:

Master’s Degree:
The total participation fee for the #SOS11 2024-2025 Academic Year Master’s Program is 14.000€.

The tuition Fee must be paid in its entirety according to the following instalments.

• 3.000€ – Registration fee – within two weeks of receiving the acceptance offer for the 2024/2025 Academic Year

• 6.000€ – First installment – September 30th 2024 (first intake) | January 2025 (second intake)

• 5.000€ (or final amount due if awarded scholarship) – Second installment – January 20th 2025 (first intake) | May 2025 (second intake)

*Awarded scholarships will be applied as a tuition reduction on the payment of the final installment.

Single Courses:

Please find all single course costs on the single courses description page.

Does SOS offer scholarship to applicants?

SOS answers:

SOS does offer scholarships to Master’s Degree students. The scholarships partially offset the tuition fee and can vary according to our internal evaluation of every candidate profile and the timing of submission. Scholarships will be awarded to candidates based on their academic and professional merit and motivation. The exact amount will be communicated to the student along with the conditional acceptance offer. Additionally, scholarship funding for special content-based projects might be offered by external partners.

Am I eligible to join the Master's Degree even if I do not hold a degree in Design, Architecture or Engineering?

SOS answers:

The program focuses on design related disciplines and therefore welcomes applicants with an architecture, design or engineering degree. That being said, the School may consider applicants with diverse relevant backgrounds as long as the candidate can demonstrate a high level of interest and motivation and to hold a bachelor's degree.

Among the requirements for the Master’s Program there is the B2 Level English Certificate (CEFR). Do I need to have a valid English Language Certification in order to apply?

SOS answers:

The program is fully English taught and SOS requires a minimum B2.1 Level (CEFR) for participation. Applicants will not be required to submit a valid certification, a self-certification indicating a B2.1 level or above is sufficient. During the aptitude interview, the SOS Admission team will also make an evaluation of the language level.

Will the Foundation Courses be offered through distance learning or in presence?

SOS answers:

For SOS11 a.y. 2024/2025 all 5 Foundation Courses will be held online. The classes split into an on demand theoretical part, followed by a live streaming more practical segment directed by the professor.

Will students receive a certificate at the end of the Master’s Degree?

SOS answers:

Being the program a First Level Professional Master's Degree recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education), at the end of their studies, all students will receive a master's degree certificate providing a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies carried out and completed. It should be highlighted that our curriculum reflects the practice based, research driven approach to education that is the main feature of our program, greatly benefitting from our extended network of partnerships with both academic, professional and industrial entities.

Where is SOS located?

SOS answers:

SOS is actually located in Milan (Italy) along with Mario Cucinella Architects headquartes at Via Poma 52, 20129.

What are the participation requirements for the Master’s Degree?

SOS answers:

Full time attendance is compulsory for the entirety of the program. Students shall carefully comply with the course work hour requirements as indicated by the School. Absences exceeding three days must be promptly communicated to SOS School Administration and must be justified by proper certification.

With the completion of the Master’s Degree, will SOS offer job/internship opportunities to participating students?

SOS answers:

Enrollment in the SOS Master’s Degre does not guarantee job/internship placement for participating students. However, one of the main features of our program is a full immersive experience within our extended network of partnerships with both academic and industrial entities which can lead to professional opportunities for students, that SOS encourages and facilitiates organizing site vistis, guest lectures, workshops.

How many students will participate in the Master’s Degree?

SOS answers:

The minimum number of students for SOS11 is 15 and the maximum number of students is 30.

What are the application deadlines for the Single Course modules?

SOS answers:

Students will be able to enroll into any Single Module course up to two weeks before the start date of the course.

What documents are required to apply?

SOS answers:

Students interested in applying to the Master’s Program can fill out the application form. In addition to your contact information, you will be requested to send on: Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae / Resume, Design Portfolio, a copy of your Highest Degree and the relative Exams Transcript. Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by the SOS Admissions Team.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an aptitude interview.

Students interested in applying to the Single Module courses can fill out the application form the course description page of the course. In addition to your contact information, you will be requested to send on your Curriculum Vitae / Resume.