Sustainable Urban Enlightenment – Human Lighting in Multifunctional Spaces

6 months full time in presence


The project aims to contribute valuable insights into the integration of light in the multifunctional space of the Mario Cucinella Architects studio and SOS School of Sustainability headquarters in Milan, fostering a dynamic dialogue between natural and artificial light. Addressing the requirements and nuances of light as well as people's physical and psychological needs, the research seeks to improve the overall user experience and well-being within these spaces. By a comprehensive analysis of light, narrowing the universal language down to the context, and exploring as well the potential for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, students will work to find a sustainable solution, positively impacting students' and workers' comfort and productivity. 


In the dynamic landscape of workspaces and schools, the role of artificial light and daylighting has gained prominence. Design considerations now extend beyond traditional aesthetics to prioritize well-being and productivity. Flexibility of light in multfuncional spaces features utilizing artificial lighting intelligently, alongside optimizing spaces for ample daylighting, is recognized as a pivotal aspect of creating environments that enhance focus and comfort. Striking a balance between technology-driven lighting solutions and the natural rhythms of daylight and human behavioural and phisiological aspects, not only contributes to achieve sustaianability through energy efficiency but also fosters healthier, more stimulating atmospheres for both work and learning experiences.


The holistic human centered approach of the research will transcend the conventional understanding of light, delving into its dynamic interplay with various materials, furniture, and the diverse activities undertaken by individuals in the space. Students will shift the focus from the traditional approach of shaping light to measuring its energy,intensity,emotional perception and quality in relation to human activities and needs to achieve collective well being.

Relying on a company like Artemide, which has always been at the forefront with respect to the major strategic themes of "a light beyond light", which, however, has always found "iconic" solutions that have made and are making design history, Sustainable Urban Enlightenment will identify innovative ways to match artificial and natural light.


Luca Moreni - Project Track Leader

Sponsoring Partner


Slide Foundations of Sustainability Design for Circular Economy The Right to (Quality) Shelter Project Track Environmental Design