Master Program old

The SOS Program is designed to leverage the collective energy and individual experiences of the SOS students and team.

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of students and professionals, the educational format has been re-organized according to a modular structure and at the same hand it is in fact possible to enroll in the full-time master, lasting one year. The program is based upon a curriculum that combines Practice - Based Education with Research - Based Practice and Site - Based Experience.

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The full-time course is characterized by the opportunity to provide the framework where this expertise can be applied, in an integrated way, to real projects, in collaboration with the school's partners. The master is the most suitable choice for those who, having completed their degree, are looking for an experience that integrates training, research and professional practice in the field of sustainability.

The Master Program is organized in two main parts intertwined with each other.

The first part, running on-line from October through end of January, offers “Foundation Courses” and is designed to provide the students with the knowledge and skills required to address the challenges of the future with an open-minded, holistic, research-driven, human-centered approach targeting sustainable environments. The courses train the students to become specialised professionals in the field of Sustainability. The Second Part, running from February through September, is dedicated to Project Tracks and its divided in two phases: in presence form February until end of May the course offers classes, workshops & site visits and direct collaborations with SOS partners; in presence or on-line, from May until September ,the students are supervised by their Track Leaders in order to complete their Dissertation.

During this part of the “journey” students have the possibility to make a much deeper exploration of a key area of research ranging from the design of the next generation of architectural and urban environments to urban regeneration, to the provision of measures and tools for granting to the most fragile and exposed communities safe and healthy living conditions.

PART 1 - Duration 4 Months

On-line: Four Foundation Courses, preparatory for all projects.

PART 2 - Duration 8 Months

First phase, in presence: Project Tracks, full time project (4 Months)

Second phase, in presence/on-line: Project Tracks, final dissertation with project supervision (4 Months)