The course Common Ground introduce students to the culture of sustainability through dialogue whit different personalities, but who share a vision on the future

4 weeks (2 days/week)

Common Ground analyzes key issues and challenges that lie ahead, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to design a decent and fair future for all.

Common Ground fosters growth of a group of creatives engaged in the search for appropriate solutions in harmony with the environment and the cultural context.

Common Ground includes keywords for building a ‘common vocabulary’ of the key themes of sustainability, the environmental challenges we face in the coming decades as well as the emerging needs of people. The course is engaged in developing the ‘meaning’ of keywords through the acquisition of new knowledge. Moreover, a special focus is devoted to analyse and discuss the body of work already developed in the previous editions as a springboard to identify the course research themes. Students are involved in processing data collected to identify main themes and challenges.

Common ground is based on a multidisciplinary introduction to the principal lines of research and professional activities in the field of sustainability. Classes are taught by established professionals, innovators and researchers, who will engage in discussion with students. Topics include climate, emerging technologies, social innovation, the relationship between economy and ecology, growth forecasts and opportunities for society and the region.