Duration: 1 week, 4 units/week

A SOS certified course for those who want to acquire the necessary practical skills to becoming acknowledgeable in the use of 3d modeling and parametric design software.

The Structure

FN 01- Intro to Rhino (2 Unit- 06 Hours Lecture + Tutorials) Provides a general introduction to the use of Rhinoceros 3D as a key digital tool in any workflow from design to manufacture. A beginners’ units that guides into how to conceptualize ideas and how to represent them using a 3D modelling tool. Topics covered will include the workflow that takes from conceptualizing an idea to quickly realizing it as a 3D model in the Cad environment, core modelling techniques, from using curves and surfaces to using solid objects, how to use Rhino and render visuals to professional standards, building objects for rapid prototyping and laser cutting.
FN 02 - Intro to Grasshopper (2 Unit- 06 Hours Lecture + Tutorials) Provides a general introduction to the basic principles of parametric design using the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. It covers the key features of a parametric design approach and how it benefits its application on design tasks. It also provides an in-depth understanding of how Grasshopper works, its interface, and how to manage and organize information on it. Basic concepts of programming and the importance of these to start developing your algorithms will also be discussed.

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