RS – Regenerating the Suburbs

Regenerating the Suburbs
Space for Urban Wellnness

By 2050, the world's population will reach 9.8 billion people, 70% of whom will live in increasingly large and populated urban conglomerates. Therefore, it is crucial to transform our cities from black holes of energy and resources to urban ecosystems where economic development coexists with socio-cultural development, the wellbeing of its inhabitants and the surrounding environment.

In this light, urban regeneration interventions, especially those located between the edge of expanding cities and the natural ecosystems that surround them, play a key role in achieving the goals of European and global sustainable development roadmaps.
How to design sustainable regenerative action in a suburban area?

The project SOS students came up with for the Unipol Group’s Business Park of Via dei Missaglia, Missaglia 97 and its integration with the adjacent Gratosoglio neighborhood and the Southern Agricultural Park is a significant example of this progressive transformation, particularly for areas of the South of Milan.
Together with the Unipol Urban Up team, the SOS team has imagined a possible regeneration scenario for the area whose foundations are represented on the one hand by the most advanced principles of sustainability and circular economy and on the other on the listening and active participation of local communities, with the aim of breaking the boundaries of the current allotments giving life to a new urban network with a pedestrian and bicycle vocation.
The idea
An urban regeneration project involving both Unipol Urban Up plot and the surrounding areas + social involvement + opportunities for local economy + urban activation of the ground level
The actions

  • Renovate and change use
  • Integrate the area with the neighborhood
  • Implement mobility by connecting the plot with the city
  • Design a new public anchor
  • Integrate urban comfort and sustainability principles
An active reuse intervention, aimed at diversifying and combining different functions and types of users, constantly stimulating them to break the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a dynamic, safe and attractive Common Ground, in complete harmony with the natural elements that surround and enrich it.
New Building features and objectives

  • Central Location
  • Break Pattern
  • Shape the Piazza
  • Optimize Solar Exposure
  • Accessible roof
  • Landmark
  • Double-aspect flexible plan
  • Reuse existing
  • Open & enclosed
Project Supervisors:
Andrea Rossi – Project Track Leader
Gregorio Pistolesi – Project Track Assistant

SOS Team:
Edoardo Cicala
Oskar Petter Haraldsson
Edoardo Lavanna
Georgina Munoz Reyes
Claudia Quintino
Achira Shetty Kedambady

Sponsoring Partner:
Urban Up Unipol | Gruppo Unipol