SOS 9 Students Projects

From January to June 2023, during the Second Phase of the SOS9 Master's Program of the 2022/2023 academic year, SOS students developed three real projects within the following Project Tracks:

  • Regenerating the Suburbs - Space for Urban Wellness

    The group created a masterplan for a possible future scenario for lot M97, integrating the Unipol Group’s Business Park of Via dei Missaglia 97 (Milan) with the adjacent Gratosoglio neighbourhood and the Parco Agricolo Sud, as an example of progressive transformation for suburban regeneration.
    Students: Edoardo Cicala, Oskar Haraldsson, Edoardo Lavanna, Georgina Munoz, Claudia Quintino and Achira Shetty Kedambady
    SOS faculty members: Andrea Rossi and Gregorio Pistolesi
    In collaboration with UrbanUp Gruppo Unipol.

  • Sustainable Urban Enlightenment – A Human-centered Lighting Approach

    Starting from the analysis of the different functions that urban lights play in a city, the students designed "LUMOS" an innovative and sustainable lighting plan for the urban and natural open spaces of the Unipol’s Business Park of Via Dei Missaglia, to have the widest possible impact on the local environment, society, and economy.
    SOS Students: Paolo Duranti, Meghan Emmett, Iman Jamal and Daniel Tafurt
    SOS faculty member: Luca Moreni
    In collaboration with: Artemide.

  • Inhabit Sound - Urban Acoustic Sustainability

    The group designed a temporary installation with the aim of increasing awareness regarding the importance of sound within the urban context.
    SOS students: Carlo Caire, Nicola Capozzo, Ruben Garrido Rizk, Flavia Torretta
    SOS faculty members: Renzo Vitale, PhD - Sound Creative Director BMW Group, with the support of Jacopo Panfili.
    In collaboration with: MINI – BMW Group