SOS - School of Sustainability Foundation

On July 09, 2021 SOS reached another crucial milestone with the establishment of the SOS School of Sustainability Foundation.

SOS School of Sustainability Foundation was established thanks to the contribution of three founding partners, Mario Cucinella Architects, Iris Ceramica Group Foundation and SAIB Spa, based on the shared common values and the goal to educate the next generation of sustainable design professionals in the framework of the 17 SDGs of the UN agenda for sustainable development.

The foundation is a non-profit organization and pursues civic and social solidarity objectives through the promotion of post-graduate instruction and research within the fields of sustainability, architecture and design, as well as circular economy for the development of individuals, organizations and companies. From the new state of the art facilities in Milan, SOS will be grounded in the legacy of local culture and enforced by technological innovation, in an interdisciplinary format and thanks to the integration between the industry, the institutions and the community at large.

Founded in 1992 in Paris by Mario Cucinella, MC A is now based in Bologna and Milan and is made up of over 100 professionals. Mario Cucinella Architects specialize in architectural design that integrates environmental and energy strategies, with a dedicated internal R&D department that investigates the issues of sustainability through a holistic approach. The studio has carried out projects in Europe, China, North and Central Africa, the Middle East and South America and is currently planning and/or building about 50 projects.

In 2019 Iris Ceramica Group Foundation was established on the initiative of the President and Founder of Iris Ceramica Group, Romano Minozzi, and his daughter Federica Minozzi, CEO of the Group, as an expression and source of inspiration and with a shared code of ethics and values with the companies of the Group. Iris Ceramica Group Foundation is a non-profit organization intended to promote environmental protection, sustainable development and social cohesion. It supports projects aimed at developing new ways of bringing people together and achieving collective well-being, and the dissemination of ethical guidelines for companies and people.

SAIB is one of the leading Italian companies producing raw and melamine-faced chipboard panels. Its products are marked RPB – Regenerated Particle Boards due to the particular manufacturing process which consists in transforming end-of-life wood. Constant investments in new technologies, together with research aimed at obtaining surfaces with a strong tactile yield and emotional impact, make chipboard panels made from recycled material a new frontier for furniture manufacturers and interior designers, providing an ethical and innovative choice at the same time. The commitment to sustainability and circular economy positions SAIB Spa in the forefront of respect for the environment and health.