SOS8 Student Projects

During the Second Phase of the Master's Program - running from February to June 2022 - SOS8 Master’s Students developed four different projects within the following Project Tracks

Post Carbon Architecture:

with the objective to design buildings with low technology (in terms of physical plant) and to work with the form and the materials as new agents of performance.
The Right to Quality Shelter:

with the goal to analyze the site of intervention, identify the territory’s potentials and thus determine the strategies that will increase the resilience of local communities, helping to reduce their vulnerability to future environmental, economic and social change.
Design of Products and Systems for the Circular Economy:

seeking to deliver sustainable solutions with the broadest positive impact on the environment, the society and the economy, in a variety of fields and at different scales, and to allow companies and professionals to work together to the definition of a new set of goals that facilitates the transition of design to a new ethical dimension where the challenges related to the effects of a growing world population on the ecosphere, are tackled in a systemic way.