Ferragamo Pop-Up Shops – New Practices of Circular Economy


A new generation of Ferragamo Pop-Up stores for a new generation, with a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, culture, and sharing.

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An invitation to enter Ferragamo's gallery of sustainability, for fantasy, circularity and connection, creating tomorrow today. Ferragamo's product is the pop-up store. Once purchased, the reflective structure will symbolically vanish, leaving only the reflection of their costumers.


Materiality: Use of natural materials such as cork and wood for customised packaging and pop-up stores.

Reduction: One of the sustainability concepts developed is that of minimizing the use of materials by giving importance only to what matters.

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SOS Team:
Yamile Assad
Martina Cappellini
Calvin Chase
Kalzang Dorjee
Letizia Garbolino
Carlotta Greco
Maria Vittoria Gubiotti
Evanthia Ierodiakonu
Francesco Legimi
Tiziano Rumori
Luca Sandrini

Track Leader:
Lorenzo Gecchelin