Post Carbon Architecture


What are the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities in relation to construct a skyscraper?

As cities continue to grow rapidly, the way we construct and manage buildings has never been more crucial to grant economic growth and social prosperity. Expanding cities horizontally would keep consuming natural resources so the idea of expanding the city vertically becomes a priority. In fact, since 2001 we have built 84% of all world skyscrapers.

But building in height presents lots of challenges, mainly linked to sustainability and social equality. Our challenge is to transform a status-symbol into a dynamic and adaptable vertical community that serves the needs of its inhabitants and acts as a reference the city where it located and the whole planet.

We strongly believe that it’s time to change our design approach to tall buildings, restoring a deep connection with climate, local cultures and natural landscapes. It is time to design buildings conceived as living organisms, capable of breaking the boundary between indoor and outdoor space and in close relationship with people and local communities. A system of relationships that has shaped our cultures during the passage of time, making each place on earth different and unique, a fundamental principle we aim to rediscover to imagine our future.


SOS Team:
Kalzang Dorjee
Carlotta Greco
Tiziano Rumori
Luca Sandrini

Track Leader:
Elena Biason