The Right to Quality Shelter


The project focuses on new housing solutions for Roma people and is based on research on their current housing crisis and specifically on the "Cupa Perillo" camp in Scampia. The starting point of the project was a module allowing for scalability and reproducibility according to different needs, with the aim of restoring dignity to the Roma people and providing a solution for sustainable economic development.

The design choices leave room for potential development of the units over the years, including Roma people in the construction phase and giving them the opportunity to shape their own spaces.

3D printing is used as a tool to minimize the use of materials and maximize the use of existing materials near the camp, including natural materials and waste.

The design is flexible so that it can be replicated in vulnerable contexts, ensuring a quality shelter with appropriate interior environments for all.

SOS Team:
Martina Cappellini
Letizia Garbolino
Maria Vittoria Gubbiotti
Evanthia Ierodiakonou

Track Leader:
Lorenzo Porcelli

Track Assistants:
Valentina Torrente
Lori Zillante