SOS addresses global challenges at a local scale through co-design and public participation, engaging with academic and research institutions, government, industry, professional organizations and the public, triggering practice-based, use-inspired research for the built environment, the industry and the profession.

SOS - School of Sustainability approach aims at expanding the boundaries of the given brief by observing it from an economic, social and environmental, multi-scalar perspective, and to broadening the field of observation thanks to the inclusion of all involved stakeholders.

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The analysis encompasses the inquiry of the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results that the design process conveys. SOS students are encouraged to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the problem and to propose solutions that respond to its complex nature in a systemic way.

Because of the rigor of the process and its research-driven approach, the outcomes transcend the physical dimension of the architectural or urban space that they are aimed at addressing and become a true expression of the context from which they rise.